This is what you can expect for when you are ready to go through the mortgage process! 

Step 1. Application and documents

The first step of any mortgage is filling out a mortgage application with a mortgage professional, to review goals and future plans and providing your documents for review.

Step 2. Submissions

Next, based on your application, goals, plans, etc, your mortgage professional will take a look at your file as a whole to determine with you, what lender can help play a suitable role in your future plans and submit your file to them.

Step 3. Signing

Once your mortgage is approved, and the lender returns a commitment, you will sit down with your mortgage professional to sign the required documents, in order to move onto the lawyers to work on funding

Step 4. Funding

The last step of the process is to sit down with your lawyer to finish funding. They will make sure the mortgage is finalized and registered